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Today it is a necessity to rely on business information about your clients and suppliers. Modern technology facilitate immediate access to any type of data, while automatic processing and analysis facilities of data provide you with clear and simple information, easy to interpret and act upon.

RisCo provide you with the most performant systems and services, which allow you to take the best business decisions in full confidence!


Rapoarte Risco

10 Report Types  for complete verification of any Romanian company.

10 Report Types  from official institutions, and the update time of reports is of.  maximum one minute!


Alerte Risco

7 Alert Types  Insolvency, Economically Inactive, VAT, Registry of Commerce for the monitoring of any company’s status changes.

Alerts are automatically dispatched through  a daily or weekly email message!


International Risco

30 de tari disponibile  you can check on any foreign partner in less than

Reports are updated at interrogation, all data being taken from  the Commerce Registries from each country, respectively!

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Free RisCo Account

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Dynamics and structure of reports:

The structure of the last 30 days:

History of Reports - selection:

  • 17:37 CUI 6551424 EMSENS PROD SRL din 2017-08-22 CIP - RAT - PIM - BI
  • 17:37 CUI 21766168 COMP SGS ELECTROGRUP SRL din 2017-08-22 CIP - RAT - PIM - ...
  • 17:30 CUI 9607660 IVONCO TRADE SRL din 2017-08-22 CIP - RAT - LCO - PIM - ...
  • 17:26 CUI 33431506 LEUZZI FAMILE IMPEX SRL din 2017-08-22 CIP - ONRC - RAT - ...
  • 17:22 CUI 15777588 AAA BIROTICA SRL din 2017-08-22 CIP - RAT - RES - JUST - ...

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