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Company checking is based on the Companyies Fiscal Code - CUI and information is obtained from Romania's official institutions, based on real-time requests. All data is updated at the moment of the report generation.

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Industry Rankings section includes over 650,000 companies with contact and financial data updated continuously.

This section provides four powerful tools: Selections, Rankings, Regional Competition, and Sales Simulator.

Any selections or lists can be saved in "My Selections" and can be accessed at any time. Selections can be exported in Excel files.

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Dynamics and structure of reports:

The structure of the last 30 days:

History of Reports - selection:

  • 22:35 CUI 18609830 TERRA GLOBAL INVEST SRL din 2017-02-26 AEGRM
  • 19:49 CUI 28120970 SEREKA INVESTMENTS SRL din 2017-02-26 CIP - RAT - PIM - ...
  • 19:46 CUI 481206 CISCOM EXPO 92 SRL din 2017-02-26 CIP - RAT - LCO - PIM - ...
  • 19:10 CUI 35091311 NINIFRESH S.R.L. din 2017-02-26 RAT - JUST - RES
  • 18:16 CUI 22653043 COMFIL RO SRL din 2017-02-26 CIP - JUST - RES
  • 17:40 CUI 17036319 CINPROD SRL din 2017-02-26 CIP

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