Termeni si Conditii de utilizare Sellnet


RisCo/Sellnet Terms and Conditions state the contidions under which any person may use the website, services and the application Risco/SellNet, and represents an Accord between Risco Servicii Financiare SRL, as owner and administrator of the website and provider of RisCo/SellNet Services, and any individual or legal person that access the website, services, the application, uses or wishes to use these services as a user.


Refusal to accept these Terms and Conditions or any provision contained within it leads to the obligation for the respective person to cease immediately accessing the website, services, or the application, and the access and continuous use of those services, of pages containte within or any component of those services represent a full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and any of its provisions.

In order to use the Service, you need to be at least 18 years of age.

You are bound to keep your login data, meaning the user and password respectively, secret and in a safe.

You are the own and only responsible for your behaviour and for any data, text, files, information, user names, images, graphs, photos, profiles, video or audio movies, sounds, music, copyright working, applications, links and other type of content or materials that you send through RisCo/SellNet.

You are responsible for any activity, which occurs through you own account and you agree that you will not sell, transfer, license or attribute your account, followers, user name or any legal rights, or any rights regarding your account. You declare that all information you provide or that are provided to RisCo/SellNet when registering or with any other occasion would be true, exact, current and complete and you agree to update your information as neccessary to maintain their truthfulness and exactness.

You agree that you will not use the login data of any other RisCo/SellNet users.

You are not allowed to denigrate, follow, aggress, harrass, threaten, or bully people or entities and you are not allowed to publish private or confidential information through the Service, including but not limited to information regarding your credit card, social security or other national identity codes, non-public phone numbers or email addresses which belong to you or any other people..

You are not allowed to use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You agree that you comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable for your use of the Service and content, including but not limited legally to the copyright laws.

You are not allowed to change, modify or adapt the Service or to change, modity or adapt any other website so as to suggest falsely that this is associated with RisCo/SellNet..

You are not allowed to interfere with or disturb the Service, the servers or networks connected to the Service, including throug transmillion of any worms, viruses, spyware software, malware or any such other distructive or disturbing software.

You are not allowed to interfere with or disturb the Service, the servers or networks connected to the Service, including throug transmillion of any worms, viruses, spyware software, malware or any such other distructive or disturbing software..

You are not allowed to inject content of software or to modify or interfere with the way in which any RisCo/SellNet page is reproduced or listed in a user's browser or device..

You are not allowed to try to restrict the use of RisCo/SellNet by another user and you are not allowed to encourage and facilitate the break of these Terms of use or of any other RisCo/SellNet terms..

Breaking these Terms of use may, at the exclusive discretion of RisCo/SellNet, result in deactivation of you RisCo/SellNet account.

You understand and you agree that RisCo/SellNet cannot and will not be held liable for the content published on its Service, and you use the Service on your own risk. If you are in breach of the letter of spirit of these Terms of use, or if you create a possible legal liability to RisCo/SellNet, we may stop in part or in full the provision of RisCo/SellNet services to you..

We reserve our right to modify or de-activate the Service or your access to the Service for any reason, without any prior notification, in any moment and without any responsibility against you. You can de-activate your RisCo/SellNet account by connecting to the website www.risco.ro. Following de-activation, all licenses and all other rights conferred to you throught these Terms of use will cease immediately..

We reserve our ritht, at our free will, to periodically modify these Terms of use. Except for the case those changes occur from legal or administrative reasons, we will reasonably notify you prior to updated Terms of use entering into force. You agree it is possible us to notify you regarding these updated Terms of use by listing them on the Service and your use of RisCo/SellNet after the date of inception of updated Terms of use (or your resonable involvement in a stated behaviour by us) constitute your legal acceptance regarding the updated Terms of use. These Terms of use will govern any litigations ocurring prior to the date of inception of the updated Terms of use..

We reserve our right to refuse access to this Service to any person, for any reason, at any moment..

We may, but we have no obligation to eliminate, edit, block and/or monitor content or the accounts that include content that we establish at our own discretion that violates these Terms of use..

You are the single responsible for the online or offline interaction with other users of RisCo/SellNet. You agree that RisCo/SellNet is not responsible or liable of the conduct of any user. RisCo/SellNet reserves its right, but has no obligation to monitor or get involved in litigations between you and other users..


You agree that you are fully responsible for all taxes incurred while using RisCo/SellNet.

We forbid the use of crawler, scrapper software, of software registering in the cahe memory, or other access in any way of RisCo/SellNet content through automated means, including but without limitation, users profiles and pictures..

RisCo/SellNet does not claim any copyright on any content that you publish on or through RisCo/SellNet..

You agree that it is possible that we will be unable to always identify as such paid services, sponsored content or commerical communications..

You declare and guarantee that: (i) you own the content published by you on or through RisCo/SellNet, or you have the right to provide rights and licenses established in these Terms of use: (ii) publishing and use of your content on or through RisCo/SellNet does not violate or embezzle the rights of any third party, including but not limited to confidentiality rights, publicity rights, author rights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights of third parties: (iii) you agree to pay all royalties, taxes and any other amounts due following the content you publish on or through RisCo/SellNet: and (iv) you have the legal right and the capacity to express your written consent with these Terms of use in your jurisdiction..

The name and logo of RisCo and SellNet are trademarks of RisCo Sevicii Financiare SRL and may not be copied, imitated or used, in part or in total, without the prior permission of RisCo/SellNet. Furthermore, all page headings, graphs, buttons, pictograms and personalized scripts represent trademarks and/or commercial images of RisCo/SellNet and may not be copied, imitated or used in part or in full, without the prior permission of RisCo/SellNet.

While the intention of RisCo/SellNet is for the Service to be available for as long as possible, there might be instances when the Service may be interrupted, including but not limited to, sevice, planned modernization activities, emergency service or interruptions caused by failures in links and/or telecommunication equipment.

RisCo/SellNet cannot be held responsible for any change, suspension or interruption of Services, neither for the loss or any user content. Furthermore, you agree that internet can be the means of some security breach and that transmission of informantion regarding contend and other information may be unsecure..

RisCo/SellNet reserves the right to remove any content from RisCo/SellNet, for any reason, without any prior notification. The removed content from RisCo/SellNet may continue to be stored by RisCo/SellNet, including but not limited to, for compliance with certain legal obligations, but it cannot be recovered by the user in the absence of a valid legal order..

RisCo/SellNet is not a backup copy service and you agree that you will not rely on the Service for the purpose of backup copying of storing your content..

You agree that RisCo/SellNet cannot be held responsible for the published content through RisCo/SellNet and does not support that content. RisCo/SellNet holds no obligation to filter, monitor, modify or eliminate any content. In case your content violates these Terms of use, it is possible for you to bear the legal responsibility for the respective content..

We respect the rights of third parties and we expect you to do the same..

If you repeteadly violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, we will deactivate your account as neccessary..

The Services, including but not limited to RisCo/SellNet content is offert on a "as is", "as available" and "including all flaws" basis. To the maximum level as permitted by law, neither RisCo/SellNet nor any of its employees, managers, directors or representatives (collectively called "RisCo/SellNet parties") do not offer statements, guarantees or claims of any type, implicit or explicit, regarding: (a) the service, (b) RisCo/SellNet content, (c) user content, or (d) security associated with information transmission to RisCo/SellNet or through RisCo/SellNet..

RisCo/SellNet cannot guarantee that the service will be out of errors or interruptions, that flaws will be corrected or that the service or server that makes the service available to user does not have any harmful component, including but not limited to, viruses. Parties RisCo/SellNet do not offer any statements or guarantees according to which information (including any instructions) regarding the service are exact, complete or useful. You understand that you use the service on your own risk..

RisCo/SellNet parties do not support the published content and reject any responsibility regarding any person or entity for any losses, harm (be it actual, consecutive, punitive or of other nature), damange, reclaims, responsibilities or other causes of any type or character, which take place based on any content, or that would result in any content..

Under no case RisCo/SellNet parties can be held responsible for any loss or harm of any type (including but not limited to, any direct or indirect losses of economic, exemplary, special, punitive, incidental or consequential) that is directly or indirectly linked with: (a) the service, (b) RisCo/SellNet content, (c) user content, (de) the use, incapacity of use or performance of RisCo/SellNet, (e) any action performed in relation with an investigation by the parties RisCo/SellNet or by legal authorities regarding your or any other parties use of RisCo/SellNet, (f) any action performed related with the owners of the copyrights or other rights of intelectual property, (g) any errors or ommisions in the exploitation of the service, or (h) any harms caused to the computer, mobile device or any equipment or technology of any user, including (but not limited to) harms caused by any breach of security rules or following any virus, error, falsification, fraud, omission, interruption, flaw, late functioning or transmition, error of computer lines or netorks or any other lack of technical or other nature disfunctionalities, including but not limited to, damage caused by loss or profit, loss of goodwill, loss of data, stop of activity, correctness of results, errors or computer malfunctions, even if parties RisCo/SellNet have been informed or might have knowledge about the possibility of such losses being produced, either by contract, negligence, strict responsibility or guilt (including but not limited to losses caused in part or in total by negligence, force majeure, communication networks, stealing or destruction of RisCo/SellNet). In any case parties RisCo/SellNet cannot be held responsible to you or any third party for losses, deteriorations or injuries, including but not limited to decease or personal wounds..

Under no circumstances the total responsibility of parties RisCo/SellNet to you for all harms or losses suffered can be higher than one hundred lei (100 lei)..

RisCo/SellNet does not assume responsibility for the actions, content, information provided to third paties, and you exonerate us, our directors, officers, employees and agents of any complaints and harms, known and unknown, that occur from or are linked in any way with the complaint you have against such third parties..

You as well as any third party for which you operate an account or an activity within RisCo/SellNet agree to defend (at the request of RisCo/SellNet), compensate and guarantee RisCo/SellNet Parties against any complaints, responsibilities, harms, losses or expenses, including (but not limited to) taxes and reasonable costs of lawyers, that result from or are linked in any way with any of the following (including as a result of your direct activities on RisCo/SellNet or those occuring in your own name: (i) your content, access or utilization by you of RisCo/SellNet, (ii) breach or presumed breach of these Terms of use, (iii) breach by you of a third party rights, including (but without limitation to) any intelectual property right, advertisment, confidentiality or property right, (iv) breach by you of any laws, norms, regulations, codes, statutes, ordinances or orders issued by any governmental authorities, including (but without limitation to) any regulating, administrative or legislative authorities, or (v) any false statement made by you. You will cooperate in full , according to the request of RisCo/SellNet, for the defense against any claim. RisCo/SellNet reserves its right to assume exclusively its defense and control in case of any issue pending a compensation by you, and in any case you will not solve any reclaim without the previous written agreement from RisCo/SellNet..

The present Terms and Conditions (the Agreement) represent the final and complete agreement between parties regarding the use of services and it replace all prior and present agreements in oral or written form, to the use of Services. This Agreement is personal, which means that you cannot assign/refer your rights and obligations implied within to any other person. No third party is entitled as a beneficiary of this Agreement..

These Terms and Conditions of use will be governed and used in accordance with the Romanian laws. Until the possible limit of applicable jurisdiction, parties irrevocably agree that romania courts have the exclusive competence to solve any litigation that can be borne from or in conjunction with these terms of use, and for that purpose they irrevocably agree with the judgement competence of the Romania courts..

Those Terms and Conditions become valid as of 1 June 2018.