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Choose Quality instead of raw data!

RisCo provides only legal information purchased from the Registry of Commerce and from official sources of data.

RisCo does not save information about Shareholders and Administrators. This information is provided only in the form acquired from the Registry of Commerce.

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Dynamics and structure of reports:

The structure of the last 30 days:

History of Reports - selection:

  • 00:23 CUI 22152450 ROYAL SPAIN IMOBILIARE SRL din 2019-01-16 AEGRM
  • 22:06 CUI 6476349 INOROGUL IMPEX SRL din 2019-01-15 RAT - PIM
  • 21:54 CUI 34684973 PROLOGIC INSTANT S.R.L. din 2019-01-15 CIP
  • 21:08 CUI 22952940 ACTIROM SRL din 2019-01-15 RAT - LCO - PIM - RES
  • 21:07 CUI 31621369 HMDI INVEST SRL din 2019-01-15 RAT - LCO - PIM - RES
  • 20:58 CUI 31158435 AUTOMOTIVE REFINISH DISTRIBUTION SRL din 2019-01-15 RAT - ...
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