API - Data by high speed channels

API - Application Programming Interface - represents a software interface that transfers data and information between two computer systems!

API requires connection of two systems, one of the supplier and the other one of the user, through a secured data channel, with the purpose of transferring the data between the systems!

Date transfer through API is completed without human intervention!

Each portfolio is
displayed in a single format.

Systems are connected
by secured channels.

Data is transferred automatically
without human intervention.

Pagina API

RisCo API Systems offer you 4 types of predefined services for data and reports transfer!

Data transfer by RisCo API is completed through secured data channels with high speed, so that the time of receiving/update is less than 1 second!

Most used RisCo API service is for acquiring the identification data of the companies and upload it into the local applications of the users - i.e. billing application!

Advantages of these services are as follows:

  • » Receiving and integrating the data directly into the local systems without human intervention,
  • » High speed of data transfer - seconds or even less than one second
  • » Possibility of processing the data locally and display it in formats and places needed
  • » Ensuring the transfer of a high volume of data required in case of large companies with several departments,
  • » Avoid the data redundancy and/or of the reports requested
  • » Global and simple management of the data requested
  • » Data transmission is done through secured channels based on user, password and IP.

The data is requested exclusively based on the Fiscal Code of each company, while the communication protocol is webservice type.


1.Company Status API Service (STS)


Data sent:

  • - Company name
  • - Number with Registry of Commerce
  • - Company Status (function, insolvency, suspended, etc)


  • Checking the name of the company based on the Fiscal Code
  • Chacking the company ststus to avoid contracts, invoices, orders with companies in insolvency, etc

2. Company ID API Service (IID)


Data sent:

Identification Data

  • - Company name
  • - Number with Registry of Commerce
  • - Address
  • - City
  • - County
  • - NACE Code
  • - VAT at Collection
  • - Split VAT
  • - VAT Status
  • - Fiscal Inactivity
  • - Company Status (function, insolvency, suspended, etc)

Financial Data

  • - Sales (last fiscal year)
  • - Profit/ Loss

3. Financial Data API Service (FIN)


Data sent:

Ballance Sheet (last 4 years)

  • - Fixed Assets
  • - Current Assets
  • - Inventory
  • - Receivables
  • - Cash
  • - Share Capital
  • - Shareholders Funds
  • - Debts

Profit and Loss Account (last 4 years)

  • - Sales
  • - Total Revenues
  • - Total Expenses
  • - Profit/ Loss
  • - Empployees


Financial development of the company for the last 4 years, financial indicators analysis and payment capacity valuation


4. RisCo Reports API Service


Data sent:

Financial Reports

  • - Rating
  • - Probability of Default
  • - Trade Limits
  • - Overdue Debts to the State

Payment Discipline

  • - Payment Incidents

Legal reports

  • - Insolvency Bulletin
  • - Court Suits


Checking and analyzing the financial situation of the company with the specialized reports
Checking the payment incidents with Cheques and Promissory Notes
Checking all legal aspects according to official records

Please contact us for requesting a price offer and for information regarding the implementation details. Emaiil: office@risco.ro Phone: 004 031 433 65 80.

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 API - Data by high speed channels

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