Monitoring and Evaluating Client Portfolio

Portfolio Monitoring and Valuation represent the periodic verifications of the most important clients or of all clients!

The announcement of yearly financial results of the quarterly overdue debts assumes the re-verification of all client portfolio and setup of new trade limits!

Monitoring allows every manager to have a wide overview, constantly updated, of all client portfolio. Moreover, it allows you to take efficient decisions before the occurrence of negative events..

Examples of monitoring services and the related price in Credits for 100 companies:

Monitoring Frequency Reports Price/Report Amount to Pay
Paym. Incidents Weekly 100 1.9 Credit 760 Credits/ month
Overdue Debts Quarterly 100 0.6 Credit 60 Credits/ 3 months
Rating Yearly 100 1.5 Credit 150 Credits/ Year
Trade Limits Yearly 100 0.8 Credit 80 Credits/ Year
Default Probability Yearly 100 0.8 Credit 80 Credits/ Year

RisCo Monitoring is designed as a complete independent system that allows any user to add or remove companies anytime and to setup new portfolios with new frequencies.

You can setup unlimited portfolios with unlimited companies, depending on risk level, and with different settings for each portfolio.Users have unlimited access to all settings!

All verifications completed during a monitoring are presented in both PDF and Excel files with results for full portfolio!

Each portfolio is displayed
in the same format

It presents the status as
well as the previous status

Download results

Prezentare Monitorizare

For each company you
can see the results

The history is presented with
all types of verifications

Add or remove
companies anytime

Prezentare Monitorizare

Statistics are presented
of each portfolio

Display all
verifications and the total

Indicate last monitoring
and the next one

Prezentare Monitorizare

Details Portfolio Monitoring and Valuation

The monitoring reports are sent according to frequencies saved.

The system offers options to display results by date, by company, features for setting and changing the frequencies and companies, as well as statistics of verifications completed

To activate the Monitoring service you need to contact us

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