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1. What is the Registry of Commerce Report?

Registry of Commerce Report presents the legal status of any company registered in Romania, based on official data as recorded with the Registry of Commerce. 

This report is useful to users in checking the identity of any company in Romania, as well as the persons empowered to legally represent the company for business and legal purposes. Moreover, the report shows the standing of the company, whether the company is functioning, suspended or radiated. Accordingly, the report minimizes the risk of signing a contract with companies that have been radiated from the Registry of Commerce, or with persons, which are not in the position to legally represent their companies.

Registry of Commerce Report is provided based on online interrogation for any company. No data is stored in our databases from previous checking. Therefore, the situation presented in the report is the most recent available at the Registry of Commerce, at the moment of your inquiry.

Law provisions and Regulation


Registry of Commerce (or RegCom) is the only Romanian institution entitled to register and operate changes related to any Romanian company. All official identification data, associates and stock holders, administrators, etc are held and provided by the Registry of Commerce to all other state institutions or to private entities.

Any person or company can check the official data of other Romanian company based on a fee (the fee is applied for each company requested). Even you can find some data about a company on Internet or in other private databases, the latest and the official data is provided only by the Registry of Commerce.

Checking the Registry of Commerce for a Romanian company is essential in establishing whether that company is functioning or not (suspended, closed, in bankruptcy, etc), who are the associates and who are the administrators of the company, where is located the headquarters, what is the main field of activity (NACE code), etc.

Rapoartele Date Firma sunt achizitionate de la Registul Comertului la pretul oficial conform Hotararii de Guvern.
RisCo nu stocheaza date despre Actionari si Administratori si nu foloseste date vechi sau stocate. Rapoartele sunt livrate in formatul primit de la Registrul Comertului!

2. How to read the Registry of Commerce Report

This report include the following information:

  • » Identification information: ID number in the Registry of Commerce, CUI (Fiscal Code of the company), incorporation document, headquarters address, official company phone number, company status, social capital. This information can be used for either sales and marketing purposes, or for understanding the legal position of the firm. Changes in the firm? Identification data, or outdated information can impact its worthiness.
  • » Headquarters: ownership or rental document, date of validity. In case that the headquarters documentation is invalid or has expired, this information should be investigated further.
  • » Main business line according to NACE.
  • » Data regarding main shareholders: name, position, and participation to share capital.
  • » Managers' info (and empowered persons): individuals and/ or legal entities. Firm's shareholders and/ or managers are the ones who represent the company for commercial contracts and legal matters. Their creditworthiness and their shareholding in other companies represent sensitive information regarding the firm analyzed.
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3. How does the Registry of Commerce Report help you

  • Exhibits the official identification data of any registered company, including its headquarters and business of the company according to NACE code.

    Avoiding commercial relations with inexistent companies, or companies which have moved lately their business to another part of Romania, is an important task for any supplier. In many cases, even if the business partner is a traditional one, changes in the identification data can influence the future of the partnership.

  • The list of shareholders and their participations to the social capital.

    RegCom search is necessary for the determination of the real identity of any client or potential partner, as well as for understanding the business relations and group structure, which a searched firm can have through its shareholders and/or managers.

Additionally, we recommend you the following reports, to gain an as complete as possible interpretation of the legal data of a company:
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4. How can you get the Registry of Commerce Report

Acquire a Subscription package from the RisCo Reports Subscription. A subscription includes a certain number of RisCo Credits that allow you to make the reports you want. RisCo credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Client Account which will be opened at the acquisition of Subscription.
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