Best Creditworthiness Reports


Best Images and

Understand quickly and exactly
the situation of any partner

Graphic and intuitive analysis of
information contained in each report

Simple, clear and easy to
interpret by anybody

Correct and complete information
for efficient decisions

Data processed only
from official sources

Rapoarte Financiare

Data Analysis in connection
with company activity

Simple, clear and
intuitive presentation

See impact over the
financial situation

 Overdue Liabilities

See immediately the trade
limits for the company

Different payment terms
with related limits

Simple and easy
without any effort

 Trade Limits

Evaluate risks and
take adequate decisions

The history indicates
the company development

See the financial
value of your partner

 Probability of Default

Financial Reports types and how do they help you:

Financial Rating: Financial Rating is a system, which associates to any company a score, based on its financial results. This way, the company may have a better or worse situation, and the associated risks, accordingly.

Trade Limits: These trade limits represent the maximum amounts, for which you can supply goods or services on term payment. In case too much goods are offered on term payment, there is a risk that you will not cash in the corresponding amounts at the agreed term..

Probability of Default and Market Value: Probabilty of Default indicate the theoretical possibility that the firm will enter insolvency, and is computed based on firm's financial results. A hgh probability is due to a weak or unbalanced financial situation. Market value of the firm indicate the price for which the firm could sell, strictly from a financial results standpoint..

Liabilities Due to the Budgets: Firm's liabilities due to the State Budget. The larger those liabilities, the more difficult their payment, and the more imminent the risk of accounts blocking.


Information updated
when requested

Structure and synthesis of
information for each report

Simple and expressive
graphical interpretation

Immediate bird's eye image
based on data analysis

Recom information is acquired
from the Registry of Commerce

RisCo does not store information
regarding shareholders and

Rapoarte Juridice

Payment Incidents
and cheque bans

Statistics and distribution
for the last 7 years

Comparison of refused
amounts with Sales

Centrala Incidentelor de Plati

See number and
type of Court Suits

See if the company
has bankruptcy suits

Detailed structure of
suits and analysis

 Trials on Court

Recom report acquired
from Registry of Commerce

Data is legally obtain
at the official price

There is no shareholders
data stored and no usage
of illegal data

Registrul Comertului

Legal Reports types and how do they help you:

CIP - Payments Incidents Central: Payment incidents with checks and promissory notes for the latest 7 years.

Trials on Court: All trials ongoing in Romanian Courts, in which the firm is involved.

Insolvency Bulletin: Records regarding trigerring and unrolling of insolvency procedures, whether they exist.

Official Bulletin: All firm's records, as published from its incorporation up to the date of the report.

AEGRM: All firm's records, as published from its incorporation up to the date of the report.

Recom Report: Report regarding the situation of the firm, its shareholders and administrators, according with the records from the Registry of Commerce. All information is legally acquired, and we do not use stored data or informal databases.

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 International Reports

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 API - Data by high speed channels

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