Group Shareholding Structure


1. What is the Group Shareholding Structure Report?

The Group Shareholding Structure Report presents the shares owned by the main shareholders of the sought-for company in other companies. 

The report portray the shareholding structure in companies of a certain person and the percentage of total stock owned by him in those companies. In the financial and banking sector, such a report is usually called 'Group report' or 'Group Structure Report'.

2. How to read the Group Shareholding Structure Report

  • » The report presents all the other companies in which the shareholders of a certain company are also shareholders. In such a way can be avoided disproportionate relations with companies that are part of the same group of companies or have a common shareholder (limiting the group of companies/ shareholder risk).
  • » Whether a certain shareholder or company have a negative financial history, all companies which belong to that specific shareholder or are in the same group with that specific company can be determined.
  • » The people or legal entities, which apply an indirect control over a certain company can be established.
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3. How does the Group Shareholding Structure Report help you

  • Indicates the shareholding of each shareholder of the target company, in any other company in Romania.

    Therefore, the group shareholding structure and the direct or indirect control power of each shareholder in the company, can be assessed more precisely.

  • Data update

    The update of the data included in this report is made on the date of 10 of each month. Between this date and the next month update the report might show some minor differences between the data presented and the real data of the companies. The report does not display the companies closed.

Additionally, we recommend you the following reports, to gain an as complete as possible interpretation of the legal data of a company:
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4. How can you get the Companies Group Shareholding Structure Report

Acquire a Subscription package from the RisCo Reports Subscription. A subscription includes a certain number of RisCo Credits that allow you to make the reports you want. RisCo credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Client Account which will be opened at the acquisition of Subscription.
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