Company Alerts - Insolvency, VAT, Fiscal Inactivity

The alerts monitor daily or weekly your clients and suppliers and send by email all changes occurred. Thus you can avoid bad partnerships and limit the losses from sales!

Alerts work without any intervention. At the beginning you setup the portfolios and types of alerts, and then you receive by email the changes for each company. Simple and effortless!

RisCo offers you FREE Insolvency Alerts for 1000 companies!
Characteristics Firms no / Monthly price in Credits
Alert Type Source Frequency 1 - 50 51 - 200 201 - 500 501 - 1.000 1.001 - 3.000 3.001 - 5.000
Insolvency ? Ministry of Justice Daily 0 0 0 0 49 99
Insolvency Bulletins? Registry of Commerce Daily 0 0 0 0 49 99
Modif. MOF? Monitorul Oficial Daily 9 19 29 49 99 149
VAT at collection ? Fiscal Administration Agency Weekly 0 9 19 29 49 99
Split VAT ? Fiscal Administration Agency Weekly 9 19 29 49 99 149
VAT Status ? 9 19 29 49 99 149
Fiscally Inactive ? Fiscal Administration Agency Weekly 9 19 29 49 99 149
CIP? CIP Weekly 19 19 29 49 99 149
Amount to pay: 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Monthly Payment in CREDITS: 0

The table above displays the types of alerts, frequencies and the price in Credits.

RisCo Alerts monitor daily 7 categories of information: Court Suits, Insolvency Bulletin, VAT Split, VAT Status, VAT at Collection, Fiscal Inactivity and Payment Incidents

RisCo Alert System was designed to be used easily by any user. In any moment, you can add or remove companies and you can change the type of alerts!

RisCo Alerts are sent daily by email and inform you about any change occurred. The system allows uploading of thousands of companies in a single portfolio, and the follow up process is at the minimum level !

All Alerts are presented
in a single format

Each Alert can be set

For each Alert you can see
the details of verification

Alerte Detalii

All settings can be set for
each company individually

Settings can be
changed in any moment

You can add or remove
companies in any moment

Alerte Detalii

Statistics present all
verifications for each alert

Offers a maximum control
for paid alerts

Indicates the monthly number of alerts
compared to the verifications

Alerte Detalii

Company Alert Details - Insolvency, VAT, Fiscal Inactivity

The system is available only for users with client account. It has features to display alerts by date, by company, settings of alerts and companies, monthly costs and estimations, as well as statistics for verifications performed.

Alerts are sent by email according to frequencies set - daily, weekly, monthly - to email addresses saved in your account.

The system calculates automatically the value of the services based on the number of companies and on the types of alerts.

Important: frequencies for the verifications can NOT be changed. The system is very complex and it makes verifications for tens of thousands of companies.

You can use the Alert system only if you have RisCo Credits in your account..

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