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All reports are generated in English! Registry of Commerce information: identification data, headquarters, company status, main activity, social capital, managers, shareholders, other information
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VAT applicability according to Romanian Legislation

The VAT tax is determined according to Romanian legislation and it depends on the country of residence and the type of the buyer: individual or company.

The table below displays the VAT tax for each situation.

Country of Residence VAT
Individual UE % quata from your country
Non-UE 19%
Company UE Valid VIES 0%
Non-valid VIES 19%
Non-UE 0%

Details supplier

RisCo Servicii Financiare SRL
Address: Bdul Pierre de Coubertin 3-5, Office Building, etaj 5, sector 2, Bucuresti
IBAN: RO44INGB0000999904585503
Fiscal Code: RO33741906
Reg Com: J40/12529/2014
Payment details: Credits RisCo

Phone: 021 209 53 93

Reports generation is completed 100% online. All reports are obtained through electronic interrogations, without any human intervention.

Whether a report cannot be completed due to technical issues, then the afferent amount WILL NOT be debited (paid) through the online payment system. The invoice issued WILL NOT comprise the amount, representing the report that has not been generated.

The invoice for the reports the request will be sent by email in maximum 1 hour from the completion of all reports.

RisCo Prices

Financial Rating 2 Credits
Probability of Default1 Credits
Trading Limits1 Credits
Overdue Liabilities1 Credits

Payment Incidents2 Credits

Insolvency Bulletin1 Credits
Registry of Commerce12 Credits
Group Structure12 Credits

Demo Report

Demo Report

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